What is on Earth’s surface? A complete overview.

Originated from the remnants of the dead stars 4.6 years ago the Earth is the only known planet where life exists in the universe. It has the age of about one third the age of the universe. Earth is a masterpiece of the universal phenomena that has its own beauty and secrets. And in this article, we are gonna unveil all the hidden secrets and beauty of what is on Earth’s surface?

What is on Earth’s surface?

The Earth is divided into seven tectonic plates that move continuously respective to each other. Over these tectonic plates, 71% of the Earth’s surface is water. Which is further divided into seas and oceans. And the rest 29% is the land.

The land is divided into seven continents that have about thirteen major mountain ranges. From the largest The Andes to smallest The Arawali range. Except for mountain ranges, Earths’s surface also contains other natural bodies, such as Volcanos, Rivers, Aquafers, Lakes are also present.

And the most important Living organism, Which is of mainly two types, Animal and Plant. Now plants have many other species but the animal has two completely distinct species Humans and other animals.

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What is on Earth’s surface inside Oceans

What is on Earth's surface

Now, let’s talk in brief and start with tectonic plates. So, there are seven tectonic plates namely-

  • African plate
  • Antarctic plate
  • Eurasian plate
  • Indo-Australian plate
  • North American plate
  • Pacific plate and
  • South American

Over these tectonic plates, 71% of Earth’s surface is water and the rest 29% of earth’s surface is the land. Further, the water portion of the Earth is divided into five major oceans.

  • The Arctic Ocean.
  • The Southern Ocean.
  • The Indian Ocean.
  • The Atlantic Ocean.
  • The Pacific Ocean.

& 7 major seas.

  • Atlantic ocean
  • Pacific ocean
  • Indian ocean
  • Mediterranean
  • China Sea
  • Coral Seas (Oceania)
  • Caribbean

Now, Inside these seas and oceans, many trenches and large pits are present. And one of the deepest trenches found is a marina trench which is about 1,580 miles long. So this was all about what is on Earth’s surface inside oceans and seas.

How much water is there on, in or above the Earth?

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We call Earth a blue planet or the pale blue dot because of its visible color that is blue from space. And the earth is blue because most of the earth’s surface is covered with water.

Now if we talk about the distribution of water then out of total water about 96.54% of water is present in seas & oceans. 1.74% is present on Icecaps, Glaciers, & Permanent Snow and 1.69% is present as groundwater, and rest is present in other water bodies and air. According to USGS.

Out of that total water, Only 2.5% of water is fresh water and the rest is unusable and only 0.3 % of total freshwater is accessible by humans and other living organisms according to a survey of National Geographic.

Therefore, Please save the water not for yourself but from the children of your children.

What is on Earth Surface?

What is on Earth's surface

The land is present in seven different continents namely-

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • Antarctica
  • North-America
  • South-America

On these continents, a huge portion of Earth’s surface is covered with water and only 29% is land. But, this 29% of the total Earth’s surface is the most important place since most of the human activity happens on land we will talk about humans and animals later in the article but first let’s see the distribution of the land and its importance.

Out of total land, 33% of the area is desert, 24% is mountainous and the rest 43% of the land is habitable. And out of that habitable land, 50% is used for the purpose of agriculture while 37% of the same land is covered with forests.

What is on the surface inside air?

With an atmosphere sustaining life is impossible on a planet. But Earth has an atmosphere so has life but what are components the atmosphere of the Earth.

Earth’s atmosphere is a very thick layer of gases. It has a number of gasses but the gas which constitutes most of its part is nitrogen which is about 78% of total atm. Then comes oxygen which is about 21% and then argon which has a percentage of 0.93% and carbon dioxide which is about 0.04% in out Earth’s atmosphere.

Except for gas air also has some percentage of dust particles, Carbon, and water vapor. The concentration of water vapor is higher over the water bodies like oceans, lakes, rivers because of the higher rate vaporization while its less over non-water body lands.

Now if we go upside the atmosphere gets thinner and thinner because of fewer gas particles. And, after about 400 Km of length atmosphere ends and space starts.

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Living Organisms

What is on Earth's surface in living organisms

Living organisms are now an inseparable part of Earth. Some live over the land, some inside the land while others live in the oceans. Let’s first talk about animals living over the land.

This is a fact that animal life on Earth also came from oceans. First reptiles that were living in oceans came on land and start feeding on plants. They evaluated and animal life started on land.

But today, a large number of organisms including humans & plants live on the land. Plants, on the other hand, are completely different beings and animal-like dogs, cats, deer, lizards came in extant after millions of years of evolution.

Even the bird life also came in existence after the developing some natural traits and evolution from animals came from oceans.

Today we classify organisms mainly on the basis of one factor, whether they have a cell wall or not. If tey has a cell wall then they are considered as plant and if their cells don’t have cell wall then they are considered like animals.

I am not going in the deep of the classification of the living organisms but if you are interested then please check out this link.

Living organisms are the most important element of nature present on the surface of the Earth. According to an estimate, there are about 391,000 species of plants and about 8.7 million species of animals are present. From which only 1-2 million are known.

So, this was all about what is on Earth is surface that is present today.

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