What if World War 3 takes place? Our last mistake?

Our history is full of wars and battles. Some wars were so big, that they even vanished peoples from many places, and some were small. But there are two battles that were fought and while the world remembers them for not see such a distraction again. But what if world war 3 were to happen. It may humanity’s biggest battle and last mistake. Advance technologies, massive weapons, troops and intensive strategy all would be involved. But what would this happen for? And what countries would be involved? How this war would be fought? And What would be the results? I will be answering all these questions in this article.

How World War 3 can start?

In the year 1960, the whole world was almost in the condition of another destruction, World War 3. It was because of the cold war between Russia and the United States. Luckily we managed to avoid that. But what if we will not so lucky again in the future. But how this world war 3 will start? This may start due to prominent political issues, intelligence threats or fighting over valuable resources like petroleum and water.

Also, there is one more thing to consider, that’s WW required to involve the entire world. Also, the structure of the world has changed since 1945 so countries who were allies are not allies anymore, as they were.

How World War 3 will be fought?

Military attacks

Even militaries are so stronger and more skillful with support of advance and extraordinary weapon systems than ever before. In today’s age soldiers fighting on the ground may have an exoskeleton, these are matelframes around the body. Increasing their strength and making easier to carry heavy weapons and equipment over a long distance. The condition is if some of the weapons are used millions of people would die and it may take decades or centuries in the recovery of damage.

Space War

Apart from fighting on land, sea, and sky, we can also see fight in space. Militaries could fight over weaponized satellites that could affect what’s on earth going on. For an illustration, if country A wants to fire a nuclear missile on country B, country A will required satellites to fix targets on country B. Without satellite missiles are of no use!

Cyber War

Except for this all, we can see another kind of war. Because there may not be many soldiers on the ground than on data centers. This another kind of war would be ‘cyberwar.’ The rate of cyberattacks will grow at a rampant rate and who will be the first to sneak into other computers can even change the whole condition in war. Let’s see another scenario. If country A got successful in accessing country B’s computers or data systems, it(A) can manipulate its(B) all data and in the worst case it can hack its nuclear warhead’s secret codes and the game is finished then!

Nuclear War

Another kind of war can be frightening between nuclear weapons (nuclear technology) and we can say a war to end even a spot of humanity. And this is what happened in WW2. American dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan killing over 100,000 people in a flash of some second. And the ducks that were used in WW2 would be a baby nuke in comparison with modern nukes we have today.

how world war 3 will be fought
Source: Newsweek

And there are nearly 14000 nuclear warheads in the world. The United States, Russia, and China have most of them. Which are enough to destroy the earth many times. And if even a single nuke is used in World War 3 then its over, because if one country drops a nuke on another country to stop them doing the same and then another and another. Nothing would left. The whole world would be destroyed.

Conclusion for World war 3

But who will win the war at the end. The answer is ‘not even a single one’. If nucks were used in war the whole earth would be destroyed. And if someone will be left, he will die shortly without food, and water and in an environment full of dangerous radiation.

Don’t be scared after going with this horrible ride. It all depends on us. What do we think? What do we want? And what we want to be? Even a single one’s thoughts, ideas, and actions affect everyone. There have been 5 major extinctions in earth’s history. And a 6th can come from any direction. So why we fight? Even, if we know there is only loss in the fighting. Why we see ourselves as a citizen of a particular country and don’t as a citizen of the world. Why do we think serving only for the country is our priority? not as serving for humanity, Because we have come from the same origin. Wars are terrible and let’s try to avoid them. For our children, for a better society, for humanity.

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