What if coronavirus becomes global pandemic?

It begins with a common cough and huge numbers of people are infected before anyone realizes. And it won’t only stop here. This would continue to grow and evolve until billions of people become ill. This is what going on in the world nowadays. Coronavirus, this is the virus keep strengthening its root on this planet. Flights are canceled, cities are quarantined, and hospitals are flooded with patients. This is what’s known as a global pandemic.

In human history, we have faced many global pandemics. One arose in 1918, which is known as Spanish flu. It infected about one-third of the global population of that time and killed an estimated 50 million peoples. And in 2003 another pandemic ‘SARS’ arose in China which killed over 700 people. But how these pandemic start?

How does a pandemic start?

In the past, widespread epidemics such as Spanish Flu in 1918 and SARS in 2003 started with an influenza strain or flu. And so is happening with coronavirus. It spreads through the air, water, and contact and starts with symptoms like cough, fever, flu, and influenza.

Also, there are mainly two types of influenza. Type I which hardly comes from animals and type II which is common in-between humans. The symptoms of virus-like type II are such, we have experienced at least once in our life. Like, cold, cough, runny nose, etc. And that of another one can even cause respiratory illness or even kidney damage or even death.

How a pandemic spreads?

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Influenza caused by viruses like coronavirus can infect over 2.5 billion peoples. And the main reason for this large number is its ease in transmitting. This kind of influenza can easily be carried through air and contact. Like if anyone in public has influenza and he sneezes, the peoples standing nearby will acquire this disease easily. Or if you touch any surface has its viruses and then your face without washing your hands, you will get it.

And the symptoms may not be visible rapidly. It could take a few hours to a week. Even you won’t realize that you have such a disease and in the meantime, you can infect other peoples also.

Yet now the world is so different than it was in the past. Or in the 1918s during the Spanish flu. However, the population is very large on the planet and we function very differently. Since cities are more populous than in the 1918s. And with people living nearby, there would be more chance of transmitting this virus.

Except that, we can transmit such an infection in any other part of the world unknowingly. And if a single individual infects another person a chain starts which ends with thousands of infected people and then millions of people and deaths.

What would be the worst condition? (If)

If we talk about the worst condition then we may not be able to move outside of the home for any reason. Because of the risk of infection. Even we may have to struggle to get admitted into hospitals. And if it spreads like Spanish flue, about 200 to 450 million people would have died only from infected (2.5 billion) people.

Can coronavirus really become a global pandemic?

Until now we have seen how it will start and spread and what will be its cause. But now a general question arises. Can a global pandemic like Spanish flu is possible in today’s modern era? even now we have many advance medical science technologies and medicines?

Experts say any global pandemic will not be as bad as Spanish flu, as in past. Although it may spread rapidly and may infect a large no of people it will be easier to cure it with today’s modern technology. Also, doctors can easily make our immune system more powerful for this they can invent a vaccine.

Now, with such improved technology and collaboration has become more transparent than ever, scientists from around the globe could be collaborating together. Like from India you could have doctors consulting with Chinese experts trying to resolve a pandemic. It would not so quick, and could take up to one or several months, but possibly we could finally develop a vaccine.

Also if all countries work together to beat such a problem. It would be pretty easy to stop such a global pandemic. Even we are better at monitoring animals for any disease than ever before. So, hopefully, we can prevent the spread of diseases by knowing the outcome of a possible pandemic before they go any further. And to avoid an infection like this just keep yourself clean, and if you are not feeling well see for a doctor. I hope we don’t have to see people dying like this.

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