Vaccination and its side effects on us.

Vaccination is hailed for the part in the fight against disease, but an increasing group of people appears to believe that vaccination or vaccines are endangering our health rather than protecting it. Moreover, the internet is full of such stories about allergic reactions, the onset of disabilities and even death after vaccination appointments. So, in this article I will breakdown everything regarding vaccination or vaccines and conclude, are they really good or harmful for us?

How does the immune system work?

Our immune system is a vast unit of billions of cells, soldiers cells, smart cells, and factories for weapons. We’re targeted multiple times every day but normally our immune soldiers alone cope with that. And we are not even noticing. But if an infection gets serious our security cells gather information of the attackers and deploy our factories of weapons.

Unfortunately, this process of the fighting takes several days to complete, which gives intruders a lot of time to do damage contrary to popular wisdom, so our immune system came up with an ingenious way to get stronger and more efficient over time. if we fight an enemy that is dangerous enough to trigger our heavy weapons. our immune system automatically creates memory cells.

Memory cells remain in our bodies for years in a deep sleep. They do nothing but remember when the same enemy attacks for a second time. the slumbering memory cells awaken and order coordinated attacks and the production of antibodies. this is so fast and effective that many infections you beat once will never make you sick again

Memory cells stay deep sleep in our bodies for years. They don’t do anything but remember for the second time when the same enemy strikes again. The sleeping memory cells get awake and organize strikes and start producing antibodies. This is so quick and effective that you will never get sick again from many infections you once faced.

How does vaccination works?

Memory cells are the reason why little kids are constantly ill. they don’t have enough memory cells. And this natural mechanism of producing memory cells is less effective in them. For this, vaccines are a way of tricking our bodies into making memory cells and becoming immune to a disease or dangerous infections.

One approach to do this is to deliver pathogens that, for example, can not damage by destroying them or tearing them into pieces, our immune systems manage these types of vaccines very quickly.

But what if germs win? To prevent us from this we use a kind of poor relative of the real germ made in the laboratory that is strong enough to trigger the immune system and create enough memory cells. So these are the basic principles of vaccine, this triggers a natural reaction in our bodies, which makes us immune to very dangerous diseases, some like the flu virus.

Most often, we need a new vaccine every year, however, most vaccines protect us for years or even a lifetime, but there’s a catch. But, vaccines have other side effects too. what they are? and what happens when your child develops one?

Effects of vaccination!

Comparing the vaccination side effects directly with the effects of diseases is complicated. But even little side effects may seem horrible. When it is compared with a disease’s bad effects.

At some point, almost every single child on Earth developed an estimated 135 million cases of measles.

An experimental of a parallel world.

Consider a developed country in a parallel world, that has good healthcare, but people stop vaccinating. In this situation let’s assume 2% of total populations(10 M) catch measles and the remaining 98% will have a mild fever and 8% of the same population would suffer from serious diarrhea or 7% would suffer from an ear infection that can cause permanent hearing loss. 6% will suffer from pneumonia.

And measles own may kill 0.1% of all population. Except this measles will cause more dangerous diseases in more peoples. And the data goes like this. Except for this all kids who have beat measles will be left with immune system damage and in the meantime, other diseases may cause serious problems.

Now, let’s see another scenario in which we vaccinated around 10% of children of the total population let’s say from 10 million. In this situation 10% of children’s populations will get a fever, 5% of them will get mild rash up,0.001 % may get a serious allergy and 0.001% may get genitalia. And up to 0.0001% may have serious effects on it. And the rest of the children will safe.

With is estimation we can make an idea of how vaccination is useful. And saving life.

Conclusion for vaccination.

Even some of our 10 million vaccinated kids will die, it’s really terrible. But measles is many times more dangerous to your child than even the absolute scariest case of side effects of vaccines.

So, vaccinations are a significant primary form of prevention of diseases. That means they can guard against getting sick. Vaccinations allowed us to control diseases that once-endangered many lives in our history.

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