Top 50 Mobile Games of 2020, You can play now.

There are so many games on the internet and play-store and it’s a bit confusing to search for a nice game. So in this article, I will describe the top 50 mobile games you can play now in 2020. I have also categorized the game type. The first 20 games are war games, then the next 5 games are strategy games, then the next 20 games are games for time pass, and finally, the last ten games are all-time best games. So, if you want a specific type of game in these top 50 mobile games you can skip another category.”Time is so important.”

War Games

1. PUBG Mobile

1st game of top 50 mobile games

PUBG Mobile game is the most famous and played game of the last year (2019). It provides the strongest free-to-play mobile multiplayer action. There are so many modes to play this game. Survive epic traditional 100-player battles, payload mode, and fast-paced 4v4 team deathmatch and zombie mode. Survival is key and wins the last one that stands. So, This is Our first game in the list of top 50 mobile games for 2020.

2. Call of duty Mobile

2nd game of top 50 mobile games

Call of Duty mobile is our second batted royal game. And it been a few months and its popularity is sky-high. In this game, we can play in many modes like PUBG. 100 player Battle Royale battleground, Fast 5v5 team deathmatch, Scary Zombies action, Sniper vs sniper battle. The amazing this about this game is its graphics and military environment. Click on the above link and start playing now.

3. Garena Free Fire

3rd game of top 50 mobile games

Garena Free Fire is our this battle royal game. If you are thinking PUBG and COD are a bit time-consuming. Then you can go with this game. It every round ends in max 10 minutes. With the same thrill and experience as PUBG and COD. Idle for those who have less time to play but wanna play games.

4. Tank Stars

4th game of top 50 mobile games

This is a multiplayer tank game full of thrill and enjoyment. You can pick different weapons or bombs, fire them on your enemy and in last who will have the highest score wins.

5. PUBG Mobile Lite

5th game of top 50 mobile games

Hey, if you are tired off your mobile’s space or its low Specification but wanna play battle royal. Then this game is for you. PUBG Mobile official launched its lite versions for those, who don’t have any good specification’s mobile to play PUBG properly. So, go to the Play store and start playing this game. And feel the PUBG.

6. Cyber Hunter

6th game of top 50 mobile games

Cyber Hunter is also a battle royale game, its best feature is parkour. Yes, you can do parkour in this game. It’s filled with a host of various elements including survival, shooting, exploration, abilities, and more, along with parkour! It’s a next-generation futuristic game. With many more features.

7. Cyber Hunter lite

7th game of top 50 mobile games

Like PUBG Mobile, Cyber Hunter Developers also released their lite version of the game. So, If you have any problem with your mobile phone. You can go with the lite version of Cyber Hunter.

8. Fortnite

8th game of top 50 mobile games

It is another Battle Royale animate game. And the best feature is it’s amazingly optimized and high quality animated graphics. It was the best-ranked PC game in the last few years also it is free for. But the disadvantage of this game is only one. It required high Specification to run. And high means Really very high. But if you are hand free of money and can buy a good phone then you will love this game more then anyone else.

9. War Robots Multiplayer Battles

Hey, if you like Robots then you will obviously like this robot fighting game. War Robots is the largest shooter game that fits into your pocket about giant robots. you can join epic PvP fighting rivals from around the world and can show other players who’re the smartest, fastest, toughest pilot around! Prepare for surprise attacks, complicated tactical moves and other tricks on the sleeves of enemies. Kill! Snap! Upgrade! Become more strong.

10. Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight

10th game of top 50 mobile games

Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight is a plane fighting game. In this game, you basically, with dogfighter planes. “No modern planes.” And this the beauty of this game. You can feel WW2 : ) . The link is above download it now.

11. Mini Militia

Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 is an intense multiplayer combat game. This is is very simple you play but hard to win. With a 2D type of environment, this game is best for short time play. The controls are good. You can have different skins. On an increasing level, you can also purchase more equipment to carry from the shop.

12. Pokemon Go

12th game of top 50 mobile games

If you love Pokemon then, this game is for you. You can Join globe-wide trainers who discover Pokemon as they explore the world around them. Pokemon GO is the global mobile phenomenon downloaded more than 1 billion times and called “Best Mobile Game” and “Best App of the Year.”

13. Battlelands Royal

Battle lands Royale is an amazing visualization and game. In a very simple map and the way, the team represented its work as this game. It is basically a battle royale game It’s absolute non-stop mayhem with 32 players and 3-5 minute battle! No lobby waiting. Just play, skydive, loot, shoot and live! I will recommend, to play this game.

14. Sniper Fury

14th game of top 50 mobile games

If you guys like sniping in games then this game is only for those who love sniping. Its 3D graphics and action scenes are really amazing. If you like you can download this game sniper fury, in our list of top 50 mobile games.

15. Plants vs. Zombies

Somebody help, aliens are coming. It’s a very fantastic game in which aliens attack our homes. And guess, who try to save us? Plants. “Save plants save Earth.” In this game, we have to be ready to compost plants as our homes are dawn by a group of fun-loving zombies.

16. Call of Infinite Air Warfare

16th game of top 50 mobile games

If your internet connection isn’t stable then this offline plane fighting game will blow your mind. Call of Infinite Air Warfare is an offline game. Its high 3D graphics and advance weapons are amazing. This is all about your game, reflex and clever skills. Also, it is a very highly rated game on play store with 4.7 global ratings stands in our list of top 50 mobile games.

17. Infinity Ops: Online FPS

It’s a multiplayer Sci-fi futuristic game. In this game, Player faces team PvP combat as classes like Recruit, Saboteur, Tank, and Assault! Each of the classes has its own features and abilities. It’s also a well-rated game on play store.

18. BombSquad

18th game of top 50 mobile games

A very thriller mini-game. You and your avatar are on base and you have to fight with enemy with booms, punches, etc. In another mod, you have to capture a flag to hockey.

19. Brawl Stars

19th game of top 50 mobile games

This is a multiplayer as well as a single-player fighting game. So, fight with friends or solo in less than three minutes across a whole lot of sporting modes. Unlock and enhance dozens of first-rate Brawlers with powerful abilities. Buy and collect unique skins in order to stand out and display in the arena. Join or start a band to share and fight together techniques.

20. Carpet Bombing

Hey, are you getting boor after playing lots of battle royal and multiplayer war games? Then this simple boom doper plane’s game can refresh your mind. You can do anything you want. Complete daily challenges. Fight with tanks, jet planes, army and ships. And this was the last game of category war in our list of top 50 mobile games of 2020.

Strategy games

21. Clash of Clans

21st game of top 50 mobile games

Clash of Clans is the world’s most popular mobile strategic game since 2012. Build and upgrade your town, defend your town against goblins and other enemies. Create an army and fight for existence and home. Upgrade defense system towers, mortars, cannons, and much more. Create your clan and hero who will defend your base and compete epic Clan Wars. The amazing feature about this game is, everything happens according to real-time.

22. Boom beach

22nd game of top 50 mobile games

Like Clash of Clans build your base create your army and raise a clan, defend against enemies and an evil scientist in a different way on beaches. Also attack the enemy’s base and explore the secrets of islands. For more information kindly download the game and start playing. : ) And the cool feature about this game is the same that is, everything happens in real-time.

23. Minecraft

It is a very famous open world and an editor’s choice game. And always discover countless worlds and create everything from the simplest homes to the largest castles. Play in creative mode in survival mode with endless resources or mine deep into the earth, forging arms and armor to fend off hostile mobs. Develop, discover and live on your own or with your friends. But a bad thing about this game is it’s paid. But a free trial is available to play it and if you like it, Don’t hesitate to download it.

24. Age of Ottoman

24th game of top 50 mobile games

In this game, by directing Byzantine or Turkish troops, you fight an epic battles. You earn profit throughout the game as you win battles and upgrade your troops. You could either play epic Ottoman or Byzantine campaigns in single-player scenario mode or fight with your buddies in Multiplayer style on the local network.

25. Grow Empire: Rome

25th game of top 50 mobile games

This is an RPG game in which we have to defend our tower or town against enemies. In this game you are Caesar, the Roman republic’s powerful leader, your goal is to defeat other civilizations in ancient Europe with an army of Roman soldiers, siege weapons, heroes, and barbarian mercenaries. So, grow up and fight for Rio, for glory! “And it was the last game in category ‘strategic games’ in our list of top 50 mobile games.”

Games for time pass

26. Ludo King

Hey, your time isn’t passing? Then we have a collection of a bunch of games, which will help you in passing free time in our list of top 50 mobile games. This is a classic ludo game.”You may have played in childhood.” But here you have many options to play. You can play against AI, with your friends, and with random persons globally. Play this dice game, Ludo King. Best casual game in board games.

27. Subway Surfers

27th game of top 50 mobile games

DASH as fast as you can! the main motto of the game. The best game for your time passes in a hard time. This totally depends upon your reflex skills. So, if your reflex skills are good, then try to break the world record of the game score.

28. Helix Jump

Awesome bouncing ball ride through the maze of the helix tower. Very good game for a short play.

29. Temple Run

29th game of top 50 mobile games

Temple run is quiet similar to subway surfers in gameplay. But much more interesting than it. You’ve stolen the cursed idol from the temple and some evil monkeys are following you. Show your reflex action skills and run, run for your life. Run to escape them. Also, you can try to break records if you are good at it.

30. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 has a quiet similar story like Temple Run, but a more difficult journey. Run for your life, escape from deadly evils and be aware of mines and other difficulties.

31. Hill Climb Racing

Hill climb is one of the most famous and easy to play the game. The cool feature about this game is, it doesn’t require any skill to have. So, anyone can play this game even a child to an adult. Basically, its a physics-based driving game. There are so many maps in it, you can play on Ragnarok to the moon. Choose a vehicle, upgrade it, and start driving and stunting.

32. Dr. Driving 2

32nd game of top 50 mobile games

Dr. Driving is a mobile simulation driving game. Game is not good in graphics but there so much stuff to do in this game. If you like car racing games but wanna do something different in car racing. Then race, drift complete tasks and safely park the car in this game. This game is also available in multiplayer mode.

33. Where’s My Water?

The game created by Disney is a puzzle game. In this game, cut down the soil and guide fresh water, purple water, and steam to help Swampy and his friends! An alligator family. The game is also available in many versions. The game is really very addicting.

34. Cut the rope

Cut the rope game is logical puzzle games, based on Om nom cartoon. Basically, we have to feed a creature ‘Om nom’. By using general sense and physics make an idea to transport his food. The game is also available in several versions. And you should try it, at least once.

35. Alto’s Adventure

Meet Alto and his buddies on an open snowboarding odyssey. Drive through their ancestral mountains’ breathtaking alpine peaks, through neighboring villages, ancient forests, and long-lost ruins. The game is simple in play and good for timepasssss.


36th game of top 50 mobile games

The game is for time pass in real words. As there is no level, so play infinitely and become the largest slither. The game is very simple but awesome. You will explode if your head touches another player, and then game over but if others come across you, They will explode, so you can consume their remains.

37. 2

Game is far similar to All you have to do is conquer as much territory you can conquer. Also, get a smooth drawing experiment. And if someone is out of his territory just crush them.

38. Bike Race Free

38th game of top 50 mobile games

Bike Race Free comes in one of the most popular games. This game is easy to play with simple 2D graphics. But the game is very good. The game is also available in single offline mode and multiplayer online mode. Complete and explore new levels and play with your friends.

39. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is a combination of games such as RPG and Combat. This game allows you to outfit your character with several deadly weapons or uncommon armor sets, and features hundreds of life-like martial arts techniques! Crush your enemies, humiliate demon bosses, and be the first to close the Door of Shadows.

40. Hay Day

40th game of top 50 mobile games

Hey, are you free, or wanna play some classic games. Then why don’t you grow your farm in this game? Hay Day is a very famous game and rated with 4.5 stars globally on the play store. In this game learn the lay of the land, tend to your crops, and trade goods with neighbors and friends.

All-Time Best games

41. 8 Ball Pool

41st game of top 50 mobile games

The gas has developed by a famous company Miniclip and has become a very popular game. The game copies real life Pool game. So, if you want to play something amazing, you should go with this game.

42. Angry Birds Rio

42nd game of top 50 mobile games

Angry Birds like the game is a Puzzle game based on angry birds series. The game is very interesting and I don’t need to tell how interesting this game is.

43. Asphalt 9

This is a hyper-realistic arcade racing game with detailed real cars, cool HDR graphics, stunning visual and particle effects. Also, you can connect with peoples and play multiplayer matches. This is very amazing and will blow your mind. You should try this game now.

44. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free

44th game of top 50 mobile games

If you like to fly above the sky then this game is for you. This game lets you fly a number of planes in the sky, which includes takeoff, flight, and landing. This game has ultra high-quality realistic graphics and you will love this thing. This is a flight simulation game and if you are interested in flying planes then you must absolutely go with this game.

45. Space Frontier 2

45th game of top 50 mobile games

Hey, are you an Elon Musk’s fan. Then don’t just be a fan and start building your own rockets. This game lets you build your rockets and fly them to set up a base on other planets. Higher your rocket flies, more planets you will get to take home.

46. MotoGP Racing ’19

46th game of top 50 mobile games

Moto GP is a bike racing game. Show your bike skills and drifts and win the game. This is also a step and different labs are difficult enough to stop you from achieving the target.

47. Candy Crush

47th game of top 50 mobile games

Who doesn’t know this game? Candy Crush is the most iconic and puzzle game ever built. Use your brainpower to complete its mission. And if you take more time and moves to complete the level you will lose.

48. Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 is a puzzle game. choose your bird, fire on pigs and defeat them with strategy.

49. MARVEL Super War

48th game of top 50 mobile games

Are you a MARVEL superhero fan. Then this game is for you. The game is developed by MARVEL and NetEase. This game is a very dynamic, eye-popping and faithful recreation of the Marvel Universe on your small screen. So, get eager to explore more options and experience the action as never before.

50. Need for Speed: No Limits

50th game of top 50 mobile games

There are so many racing games on the internet but no-one is like this. Need for speed is the most popular and oldest racing game. The game is full of adventures and thriller experience. There are so many cars, like Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Pagani, Koenigsegg, Hennessey, and more.

This was our list of top 50 mobile games you can play now in 2020. For more awesome such articles, subscribe to our newsletter.

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