Top 10 apps everyone must have in their phone!

You have a phone, Right? What mostly you do on your phone, play games?watch movie? well, most people keep full of their phones of such apps. But in this article, I will be talking about 10 apps that everyone must have on their mobile phone.

I basically, focused on two categories one is general apps, and another one is survival apps(Because, precaution is better than cure, right?). So let’s move ahead and have a look at ’10 apps everyone must have in their mobile.’

Must have general apps.

1. Tor Browser

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In this era of information, information is the key to everything, your information or privacy, on the other hand, is like a golden egg for such privacy trades. But do we really care about our privacy? of course, some people don’t, but persons like me and you really care about this. So, this is an app called tor, is very useful in this policy. It basically hides our IP and changes our location. So, no one can trace your IP and can’t reach you. Making you feel better about your privacy, and no other search engines provide this feature. And the best feature is, it’s totally free and even ad-free. So, what are you waiting for?

2. CamScanner

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This is a very useful app in our day-to-day life, as sometimes we have to take a photo of some documents. But wait! are you satisfied with image quality and bad scan effect of papers? Of course not. But this app may help you Cam Scanner enables you to scan, store, sync and interact across smartphones, iPad, tablets, on a variety of content. And its scanning effect is awesome. I will recommend you to try this app.

3. Countdown Days App&Widget

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Everyone has some aspirations and goals in life. And not only goal but there are also so many special dates and events in everyone’s life. But can you remember all of them? Most of the people can’t? So, why don’t make a reference which will keep you remember? The same app is for such work. you can easily make a countdown or count up in this app, and set them on your home screen in many different designs as a widget.

4. Quora


Quora is one of the most iconic apps in our list of top 10 apps everyone must-have. And it is because we often think so many ideas and so many questions arise in our brain every day and at last we forgot them and they vanish forever. But, With Quora, you can instantly share your questions and ideas with millions of people around the world. And can interact with so many professionals and experienced people. So, don’t waste time to install it now.

5. Google Lens

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In our daily life, we usually come across many things we don’t know. So, the best way to know about them is to get some information about them. but who will give you information, any person? a person may also don’t know about that object. Then who will help you? Google, you just need to have google’s this app installed. and then the information is all yours. And now you can easily impress others with your knowledge.

6. Blue Light Filter

blue light filter

Our eyes feel tired when working on the mobile at nighttime. It’s because of a kind of light known as blue light. So, to reduce this blue light we usually shift to night mode. but in most of the phone, this feature is not pre-installed so you can definitely go with this app.

Must have survival apps.

Now, let’s imagine another scenario, you are stuck in your home after earth quack or in a jungle, or desert, means any unfortunate scenario. Luckily, you have your phone, what will you do now? will you try to make a call from the desert of the jungle or play games? : ) In such a scenario you are struggling with life and death, and it’s only your phone could save your life. how ? (Read below)

7. Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster

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In any bad scenario when you have your phone, the first step is to save your mobile’s battery life. But you also don’t know how to do this. So this app will help you. You can also use this app in daily life also as its very high rated app on play store.

8. Offline Survival Manual

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In a very worst situation, there would be no network or internet you can call for help from. So, you should have an offline survival guide. In my recommendation, this guide is best. This contains information on how to make a fire, construct a shelter, find food, heal and other useful content in an emergency. So, it’s a life-saving reference indeed. But it doesn’t only have to be used in emergency situations. It can also be useful for field trips,  biking, camping, even learning about nature and yourself.

9. Compass 360 Pro Free

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For most of your outdoor activities, such as travel, picnics, camping, hiking or boating, you can use a Compass. The best feature about this particular compass app is that this is correct in all over the world. And this is the problem with most of the other compass apps. Even no internet connection is required. Making it a perfect compass app.

10. Morse Code

morse code

Now imagine you are stuck in a rain forest or on an island and rescue team is searching for you. Luckily, you have your phone in your hands, now how will you give a signal to them. If they are in a helicopter then its no use of shouting. But a flash like a thing may help you. But a flash may also explain your full story, then this app can help you, you can send your SOS signals via this app. Also, this app has a full reference on how to use it. And can easily be learned this. So, this was our last apps of the top 10 apps everyone must have on their phone.

Okay, now you are out of any unfortunate scenario and thinking of uninstalling all the apps because they are using a lot of space on your mobile phone and making it slow. So, just go to the play store and install any apps compressor. And keep remembering “Precaution is better than cure.”

**None of the apps is sponsored!

All of the app’s icon has taken from their respective google play link.

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