Tesla’s hacking competition, if you can hack you will get $ 1 Million.

Tesla Motors, the global electrical car leading company. Has once again challenged openly to hack their model ‘Tesla model 3’ in Tesla’s hacking competition/event.

And if they can find any vulnerability and can hack they will be awarded 1 Million dollars with ‘Tesla Model 3’.

The goal is to make the vehicle system safer and improve it accordingly. The name of this tesla’s hacking competition/event is pwn20wn.

Tesla’s hacking competition result last time.

In 2018, also a similar competition was carried out. And a group of hacker ‘Fluoroacetate’ won Tesla Model 3 and $ 35,000.

Two hackers Richard Zhu and Anat Cam, the member of team Fluoroacetate.

And find a vulnerability in the car’s system and hacked it showing that the car is vulnerable for cyber attacks.

How Tesla Model 3 was hacked?

The group used a JIT error to show their message in the renderer. And won the award, that included the car itself.

In the simplest terms, a JIT, or we can say just-in-time bug, bypasses memory randomization data. Which would normally protect secrets.

After the competition, Tesla told it will release a new modified software update to fix the bug causing the vulnerability.

Tesla’s answer and plans

After that, all Tesla said “In order to engage with the most creative members of the security research community, we joined Model 3 in the world-renowned Pwn2Own competition with the intention of seeking this exact type of input.

And researchers showed weakness against the in-car web browser during the competition.”

Also, Tesla says “Within our cars, there are several layers of security that worked as planned and successfully confined the presentation to the browser alone, while preserving all other vehicle functions.

We’ll be releasing a software update in the coming days that will fix this work. We recognize that this demonstration took a great deal of effort and skill, and we are thankful for these researchers for their successful work.” These were the results of Tesla’s hacking competition last time.

2020 pwn20wn competition.

So, now this year Tesla again has also challenged openly to hack their Tesla Model 3, for the same reasons.

The main thing that is under concentration is price money. The price of money giving by Tesla in this Tesla’s hacking competition is the largest that is being given by Tesla.

$1 million awards!

To earn this award of 1 million dollars and Tesla mode 3, hackers will have to control and manipulate different systems in the car.

And Half a million dollar rewards will be awarded to hackers who can find a vulnerability in their car’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or infotainment system. The competition is being scheduled in March of 2020.

This was all about Tesla’s hacking competition.

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