Is milk harmful or nutritious? Can it cause cancer.

Milk has grown controversial over the last decade. Some say it is a food that is needed for our body and nutritious for healthy bones, but others say it can lead to cancer and early death. But what this milk is? and why we drinking it every day every morning. So, in this article I will be breaking down everything about moo juice and give you the answer, is milk harmful or nutritious?

Milk as an initial diet for mammals.

Milk is the initial diet of every mammal after its birth. When our digestive system and immune system are not mature enough to digest food and to fight against infections. It acts as a power diet and helps us to grow faster. On the other hand, moo is rich in fat, vitamins, minerals, and milk sugar (lactose). It also contains proteins and antibodies to regulate our immune system at initial stages. Finally, babies stop consuming mother’s milk and move to their parent’s diets.

Milk’s advantage in evolution.

This is how we used to grow until our ancestors started living in communities and domesticated first dairy animals like got sheep and cattle. They found these dairy animals can eat useless grass and turn it into very nutritious and tasty food. This gave many advantages to humans of that time, especially in hard times.

Now the groups had milk available got an additional evolutionary advantage. Even this changed the genes of peoples who were consuming it. Also, the farming of crops and animals replaced hunting and struggling to gather food. Because, it changed their genes, so people who were able to digest more lactose had more food in their hands to eat.

This lead to the migration of people with dairy animals. And who didn’t had that trait “to digest more lactose” pushed back from where they came because of less food. But if mild has been a valuable part of our diet from thousands of years, why it’s so controversial?

Why is milk controversial?

Until now we found that moo juice is a power diet. Even it’s helping us in the evolution from thousands of years. So why, it is so controversial? There are several claims on the harmful and good effects of milk on our bodies. The negative one claims it brittle bones, cause cardiovascular disease, and allergies. But how these claims arose. Some old studies show that a person drink has a high risk of breast, colon, and prostate cancer. But meta-analysis shows no risks. Even it helps us in fighting against colon cancer because it provides calcium to our body.

And the study shows the risk of cancer is only for prostate cancer. Even for those who consume more than one and a quarter litter of moo juice every day. Also, research shows that if we drink 200 to 250 ml of milk every day it is good for our health and similar meta-analysis did not show any effect on heart diseases.

What studies say?

Only, some studies show that there is a risk of high blood pressure for persons who consume dairy products in large amounts. Although evidence is not bold to claim this.

In addition to this most people worry about dangerous levels of pesticides or hormones. But it contains hormones only in very low concentrations. Like if we want to get the same amount of hormones and nutrients from milk as much a pill can give, we need to drink about 5000 glasses of milk. This is impossible to do in the first go, but even if anyone could do so, most of the hormones would be destroyed by our digestive system. Because the body consumes anything in a discrete amount.

Also, every country has some regulations which only allow the good quality of moo juice. So there are no issues of pesticides or bacteria present in it.

Source: Newser

Except for allergies and those suffering from lactose intolerances, acne, and general discomfort after drinking milk or eating dairy products are probably the negative impacts on our health, and the effects are real. Studies show that milk has been found to increase the chance of acne by 24%. This problem is found to happen more with children and self-disappear on aging.

Is milk healthier?

No matter where it comes from, may its mother, cows, goat, sheep, camels, is very nutrition-rich. It contains all compulsory micro and macro-nutrients. Also, it is a good source to get a large amount of calcium for vegetarians. Except that all milk is a good source of vitamin B12 and B vitamins. But some people have miss conception that drinking milk makes our body healthier.

But except milk, there are also many alternatives to get the same amount of nutrients. Also, milk is a power food and drinking it regularly may increase your weight.

But there is another problem associated with milk production since most of the milk is obtained from cows and buffaloes they are impregnated over and over. And once their bodies are not productive anymore they are slaughtered.

Artificial plant milk!

We show it is an essential diet for our body and quiet bad for few ones. But, as the population is growing at a rampant rate and demand for everything is rising too. But cows has to suffer to fulfill our requirements. So, what about plant milk? Like soy milk, it is a very good alternative for animal milk, even in protein level and nutritious value.

Many companies have created non-animal milk the same in all nutritious values. And even can be turned into cheese. The environmental impact is also less in producing plant milk, which is another story.


As almost at every point milk is challenging. It is not harmful to the majority of people and for many people around the world, it is critical. It is good, nutritious food but causes so damage and suffering.

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