Is immortality possible? Can we cheat our death?

Nothing is certain as death. Everything has come into existence will have to leave this universe. Not only aging but many other factors are involved which will vanish our existence someday. But then we come across a question, Is immortality possible? And what exactly Immortality is?

Let’s first understand what exactly immortality is? Immortality means indefinite & continuous living of a person. Immortality doesn’t mean that an individual can’t die from disease or any physical injury. But we relate it with slowing down or stopping the process of aging.

But can we become immortal? The answer is Yes and No both. Yes because Scientists have found the core problem of aging but the objective is really very complex to achieve. Here we are talking about biological immortality.

Although, there are very high chances that in the coming decades they may develop an anti-aging treatment. Well, we will discuss this topic later in the article. First, let’s have a look at some alternative ways has a high probability to be available before biological immortality.


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Nanotechnology comes in the world’s most popular developing technology nowadays. As it has a vast no. of applications in a vast number of fields. & so has in human immortality. From the last few years, scientists are researching and developing nano-robots or Nanobots using nanotechnology.

These kinds of robots will flow in our bloodstream inside our bodies. These nanobots would be like artificial blood components. They will help in maintaining our bodies by either removing or destroying harmful bacteria, Viruses, Dead or old cells.

They can also be used for treatment because these bots are small and can go anywhere in our body so they can carry cures at specific or target destinations which will only affect a small area of our body.

In the same direction recently scientists have developed a programmable living organism and named it Xenobot. This Xenobot has so many applications and even has no side effects on the human body.

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Researchers of Xenobot have claimed that this programmable living robot may the game-changer in the medical field. And can even increase the human lifespan period.

Digital Immortality

Digital Immortality
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“Uploading human brain in a computer” This concept seems like science fiction. But this is the only technology that has the highest probability of accomplishing in less than a decade.

The human brain is like a huge biological CPU that has a huge amount of storage. Therefore if we could find a way to synchronize the human biological brain with today’s modern computer then we could easily achieve digital immortality.

Biological immortality has more advantages then any other technology as this can make us immortal forever and can also give an extraordinary mind capable of solving the most complex problems.

And if we talk about the greatest advantage then, you can change your body as many times as you want. Just you need to do is, upload your mind in a new body.

This good looking technology has so many advantages because now humanity can reach a new extent by preserving great people’s minds. But it might serve as a weapon too if got into the hands of a terrorist minded.

Many companies including some top universities like MIT is working on this project to make humans immortal by uploading their minds.

Organ cloning

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Saving human life by replacing old not working organs is not a new technology and doctors are using this for many decades. Doctors and researchers have been able to grow working organs like skins, ears, trachea, bones, etc.

According to an estimated report provided by WHO about 31% of people in the world die with CVDs or Cardiovascular disease every year. So if scientists could clone heart and replace it with older then we can extend people’s life further.


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Cryonics is the process which involves cooling a person in the liquid nitrogen and freezing in order to keep the body preserved indefinitely. It is because when a body is frizzed at a very low-temperature physical decay actually stops. And in the future, scientific procedures revive them and restore them to good health.

This concept was first proposed by Robert Ettinger in 1962. This producer has not been tested on living peoples yet. But scientists have tested this on dogs and monkeys (near 0 degree Celsius) and successfully revived them.

But this complete process has been executed on nematodes(-196 degree Celsius) and successfully revived them. Not only this but there are many other success stories. Well, we haven’t achieved the level where we can freeze living humans but who knows the future?

Biological Immortality

Biological Immortality

Finally, biological immortality should be out the main goal. And to achieve biological immortality we need to reverse the process of cell aging called ‘Senescence.’ There is an inbuilt tendency of cells that they lose their ability to replicate and function properly over time.

But what doctors recommend doing is having a good diet, exercise, and live in an open environment to increase the lifespan period. But we all know this method is very typical and everybody doesn’t have time.

Therefore the doctors and researchers are trying to reverse engineer that process on the molecular level. And they have found a very safe first molecule ‘Resveratrol’ that can increase the lifespan by activating a group enzyme that seems to give benefits of controlling exercising and a good diet.

This has been successfully tested on rats and nematodes and the results were amazing. And also may work on humans. But our goal is to live forever not 4 or 5 years extra than the average life period.

Therefore we need to find a drug or molecule that can increase the length of telomeres. Because every time cells replicate telomeres present on the end of chromosomes get shorten as result cells start losing their ability to replicate further. And this why we age.

But over the past few years, researchers have developed some molecule that restores the length of telomeres but that also caused some serious problems like uncontrolled cell division or ‘cancer’ in simple language. Therefore we need to keep searching for some good treatment. Until then we have ‘Resveratrol.’ & other alternative ways.

Immortality is just an illusion

The answer to NO!

The dream of living forever looks great but this dream is am illusion like every dream. There are some limitations that don’t allow us to live forever even if we were super advance in technology or become a galactic civilization.

Let’s understand this with an example, A long time today’s largest desert ‘Sahara’ was a sea and many sea organisms were living inside that sea. But around 7 million years ago it completely turned into a desert because of some catastrophic phenomena. And all the organisms inside the sea died without any reason.

Similarly, humans are living in-universe and according to the 2nd law of thermodynamics, the universe won’t last forever. Yes, the time it would take to happen is billions and billions of years from now and this seems like forever in our imagination, but one day everything will vanish. And who knows whether humanity could survive until then? or it would destroy in World War 3?

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And there is a very beautiful explanation of not living forever about the logic of evolution! Nature made immortal genes but mortal bodies from our ancestors. It is because the resources are better allocated between our future generations than b/w thousand and hundred thousand years old peoples. We die so others may live.

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