Is human teleportation possible? Quantum teleportation Explained!

Human teleportation seems like science fiction in reality. & Some people believe that teleportation like terms only looks good in fantasy. But scientists have already achieved quantum teleportation successfully and have begun their first step towards the journey of human teleportation.

Before we understand how scientists did it and talk more about human teleportation, let me clear your topic and errors linked to teleportation!

What is quantum teleportation or human teleportation?

Quantum teleportation is a process of transmitting quantum information from one location to another. Teleportation works on the fundamental laws of quantum physics, we will talk about this in deep later in the article. But for now, keep in mind that quantum teleportation is something related to quantum entanglement.

For those who don’t understand what quantum stage is? Then the quantum stage is the smallest place we examine i.e at the level of atoms and molecules.

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Scientists have already done these experiments in the lab and they even filmed this phenomenon happening in real-time. They teleported particles from one room to another and some other transmitted photons in space.

Apart from quantum teleportation human teleportation is a completely different story. Although, it involves the same quantum phenomena but on a very large scale with atoms of the human body. And doing this in a very precise and organized way is really a great challenge.

Understanding quantum teleportation.

Quantum teleportation
Source: Astronomy Magazine

Quantum physics is damn weird and not easy to understand. Even some concepts of quantum physics clash with day to day physics called classical physics or some even clash with the theory of relativity by Einstein.

But let’s try to understand quantum physics and phenomena related to quantum teleportation in an easy approach.

Now the main question we have is, Can we transmit an object directly from one corner of space to another corner of the space? The answer is NO, we can’t convert any object into a wave or radiation and transmit it through space.

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Therefore the solution for this problem is hidden somewhere in between its atoms. In quantum physics atoms and electrons contain distinct properties such as position, momentum, and spin. The values of these properties define the behavior and nature of particles and give them a quantum state identity.

Thus, if we can achieve this quantum state information of a particle we can print atoms of the same quantum identity somewhere else. Now you may be thinking that this is not teleportation but cloning and this will create two same copies of particle.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen and the case doesn’t close here. Because there is a problem associated with these particles when measuring these quantities. According to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, the position and momentum of an electron can’t be determined simultaneously.

And when we try to figure out this information using light or radiation, electron gain energy and we see a change in momentum of the electron which ruins all the information. That means measuring the information Changes it!

Quantum entanglement

Here comes the term quantum entanglement, a spooky relationship in words of Einstein. It describes a fundamental relationship between two particles that were kept in close vicinity and then separated. If you have characteristics about one particle then you can also figure out the characteristics of other particles which is opposite to the first particle.

Try to understand this with an easy real-world example of shoes! Let’s assume you have got shoes of right lag now you can easily tell its shoes of left lag that is missing from the perfect pair.

Now after determining data about particles you can transfer it anywhere and get particles teleported. Also when we measure this data we destroy its quantum information. Thus for teleportation to occur the first particle need to disappear.

And the same way we can teleport bigger objects and even humans. But there are some problems associated with these objects, we will talk about them shortly.

Chinese teleportation experiment!

After understanding how quantum teleportation works it seems like a very immense topic and an impossible task to accomplish. But recently Chinese scientists successfully teleported photons from a base on earth to a satellite in space.

Chinese scientists performed this extraordinary task at a distance of over 1,400 Km. And not just a single time they did the same thing over 900+ times.

They beamed photons from the ground to the satellite in space orbiting earth and messed them using what we discussed before using Quantum Entanglement.

Is human teleportation possible

Now we have come so far in our journey of quantum teleportation, let’s discussed is human teleportation possible or not?

When it comes to human teleportation then the dream is far more away. We have just achieved success at a very small scale where we have teleported just some atoms and molecules.

We haven’t even teleported a whole small size object yet. And thinking of human teleportation and degenerating and then regeneration human body some elsewhere is not a wise decision in this early stage of this technology.

And somehow if we could teleport humans to another place we don’t know whether the body will alive or dead. Apart from this No. of atoms in our body looks like this 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Which are organized in a very precise way? Even a single change in the atom of our DNA eventually lead to our death. So it is not an easy task to regenerate the living body in the same structured form as before.

But who know what will be the future of science?

Quantum teleportation applications.

There are many applications of Quantum teleportation technology. But most of them are useful only if we could teleport large objects in bulk. Such as fast transportation without any transporting vehicle.

Or entangled phones or networks is another good application based on quantum entanglement. This will give us extreme security and no chance of Eavesdropping between network.

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We can even message someone without wifi or network. Think of that scenario! And companies are already investing in this technology to make a secure protocol.

That was all about teleportation.

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