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How the world’s 2nd most populated country reacting to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The world’s second most populated country India with over 1.3 billion people, 420 people per square kilometer population density, and with an unsteady economy condition, is struggling to contain the newly evolving Covid-19 outbreak. And this is how the world’s second-largest country India is fighting to contain coronavirus.

Unlike other countries, India is a very populated and dense country. The medical facilities are also not good. India has ranked 109th position out of 141 countries according to a recent survey by WEF. Despite this, the number of infected patients & deaths are significantly less compared to other countries. & this gave rise to the question of why coronavirus has not spread as fast as in other counties.

Firstly, India was lucky that it got the virus quite late and until then everyone had seen how badly it could impact if spread at the community-level. And everything else was not just like that, the credit goes to the rapid actions taken by the Indian government at the perfect time.

India took many bold actions to prevent coronavirus and results are “impressive,” said WHO, some are:

PM Modi on Covid-19 outbreak at 8 pm
Source: The Indian Express
  1. Govt. has advised citizens to avoid non-essential travel in other countries. Especially in China, Italy, USA, Iran, Japan, France, Spain, and Germany.
  2. India has suspended e visas issued to nationals of France, Germany, and Spain and regular visas issued to foreign nationals.
  3. Govt. has also ordered to shut down the borders of many Indian states to slowdown this Covid-19 outbreak.
  4. Schools, colleges, companies, and firms have been closed.
  5. Passengers coming from other countries are being scanned at ports and airports for coronavirus.
  6. Govt. has also restricted interstate travel to stop the Covid-19 outbreak to occur at the community level.
  7. Govt. introduced people’s curfew on the 22nd of March.
  8. The whole country has been lockdown for 21 days.
  9. Govt. has also launched a huge budget of 22.5 billion for those who are affected by the lockdown because of Covid-19 outbreak.
  10. All the infected patients are being treated in hospitals for free.
  11. The government has issued a relief package of 20 lakh crores to support the economy.

Present condition of the Covid-19 outbreak in India.

Until now the country has shown its power to contain coronavirus successfully. But from the last few days, the no. of coronavirus patients has grown rapidly. Some experts say that coronavirus has reached the community level in the country. That’s why the situation is becoming complex to control.

Currently, there are 112K coronavirus reported cases and 3,435 people have died in-country. And after a very long lockdown and all the prevention measures and restrictions cases are increasing at a rampant rate. Some people are worrying that the infection has reached the community level. Therefore, the government has become strict. But what should be our future plan and the government’s next target to contain target?

First of all, the government can’t do anything alone. And because our actions decide our future, therefore, one must follow care and follow all the rules & regulations that the government is taking for people. But now, the government should have some future plans, if the outbreak occurs at the community level. Let’s have a look at them:

How India should fight Covid-19.

  • In the coming days govt. must focus on community spread of the disease. And the lockdown of the whole country for 21 days was a very good decision of the government. This will help in slow down the growth of the number of continuously growing patients.
  • Because of lockdown, the government must provide daily wages to people who can’t afford lockdown for about a month. The government needs to provide food and things to the basic need of such people. This can be done with the help of different NGOs and government departments. The government should also need to give special care to people who are working day and night in hospitals and different social communities.
  • Because medical healthcare infrastructure in India is not so good, govt. must prepare itself for any unfortunate scenario. Currently, there is 0.55 bed for every 1000 people. Therefore, Govt. must be ready for community spread of the disease and prearrange the medical facilities and isolation beds. Govt. can easily arrange this by utilizing free space in closed buildings, hostels, and hotels.
  • Not all the coronavirus infected patients facing critical conditions. Mostly, people having a week immunity system or people who have aged develop this virus critically inside them. So, these kinds of people should get special care.
  • If someone who has been asked for self-quarantine is not following commands and spreading disease in other people, Govt. must punish him by assuming this as a crime.
  • The government should ask people to avoid mass gathering. For example in the market, because this can lead to or reduce the time of community spread of the virus.

These are the steps that the government should take during this Covid-19 outbreak. Also, feel free to contact and tell in the comment section if you have some other good steps that govt. should take.

Reference source: The Economic Times

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