How coronavirus originated? Is it a bioweapon?

Coronavirus is rising at a rampant rate. According to New York Times deaths have already suppressed the troll of SARS (2002-03) outbreak in China. And the number of infected peoples has risen above 34,000 and is continuously growing. Now after this all a question arises, where and how coronavirus originated from? Is it a natural disaster or outbreak or any Campinas to of bad intentions?

Blame on Xi Jinping.

The epidemic is not just a health crisis for Chinese leader Xi Jinping, but a political outbreak. check of a structure of power which he developed around him. While his government struggles to suppress the virus in the face of increasing popular frustration, also the changes Xi brought could make it hard for him to escape the blame.

“It’s a big shock to the legitimacy of the ruling party. I think it could be only second to the June 4 incident of 1989. It’s that big,” said Rong Jian, a writer about politics in Beijing.

“There’s no doubt about his control over power,” he added, “but the manner of control and its consequences have hurt his legitimacy and reputation.”

Is it a bioweapon?

When coronavirus broke out in China internet got full of conspiracy theories. It was to attain global attention that coronavirus is a bioweapon made by the U.S.

Similarly, Eto Buziashvili, an analyst at the Digital Forensic Research Laboratory of the Atlantic Foundation, published a report. Documenting how different versions of these sites had pointed to different conspiracies claiming that the coronavirus was a US creation. And could be a bioweapon, designed to target China.

But, according to a report of WHO, “these all are just conspiracies, which is even making the work of even harder”. Said WHO’s Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom.

“At the WHO we’re not just battling the virus, we’re also battling the trolls and conspiracy theories that undermine our response,” he added.

But, except that all U.S has declared to help those countries who are fighting against this outbreak. Like, secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Friday that America could spend up to $100 million on China’s and other countries fight against the epidemic. And, the State Department also supported China last week in the transportation of about 18 tons of donated medical supplies including masks, gowns, and gauze.

Furthermore, a team of experts has been offered by the United States Disease Control and Prevention to China. This was to monitor the outbreak and help, if possible. But there has been no response. At a news briefing on Friday, Alex Azar, secretary of health and human services said, he had recently confirmed his Chinese counterpart Dr. Ma Xiaowei’s offer to help him.

Did the coronavirus outbreak start from eating animals?

Except for conspiracy theories about coronavirus, many videos are being viral on the internet nowadays. One such clip shows a laughing Chinese woman who keeps a cooked bat on tape, and said: “it tastes like chicken”. So some people blame on Chinese eating habits for Wuhan outbreak.

But the video was not taken in Wuhan or China. It was originally shot in 2016 by portray Mengyun Wang as a famous blogger and show host during a trip to Palau, a West Pacific archipelago.

But, it is suspected that the latest coronavirus has emerged from the illegal trade of wild animals in the Wuhan fish market. In recent research from China, bats were identified as a possible source of the virus. But bat soups are not especially common in the country and their precise sources remain to be investigated.

The missing link: pangolin

Pangolin in coronavirus outbreak
Source: Medical News Today

Many researchers believe that viruses can’t be directly transmitted to humans by bats. A recent genetic study has shown that the present strain of the virus in human beings is 96 percent similar to the strain in bats.

But several studies have also shown that the bat-bourne virus lacks the necessary hardware to latch on to human cell receptors. So, bats may not be the direct links.

Then, researchers at the South China University of Agriculture observed. That the genome sequences of viruses in pangolins were 99% similar to those in coronavirus outbreak patients after analyzing over 1,000 samples of wildlife. So, they called it that missing link.

But some scientists don’t take it as serious proof, like “This is not scientific evidence.” said James Wood. Head of the department of veterinary medicine at the University of Cambridge. “Investigations into animal reservoirs are extremely important, but results must be then be published for international scrutiny.”

“Simply reporting detection of viral RNA with sequence similarity of 99+ percent is not sufficient,” he added. This was all about theories that claim the origin of coronavirus outbreak from a different perspective.

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