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Originated from Wuhan, China, Covid-19 has been recognized as a global pandemic. This new disease has infected millions of peoples & and killed over 2.2 million peoples worldwide (01.02.2021). And things are still getting worst day by day.

It is a communicable disease, which is the biggest issue that makes it a novel infectious disease. Although it has less mortality rate than SARA and MERS, it is more infectious with no cure. Researchers and doctors are continuously working in the race to develop a specific medical cure for this newly emerging COVID-19.

Why is it hard to make a cure for Covid-19?

The pathogen or microorganism causing all these problems is a deadly virus, and indeed no one knows much about this new virus. Even with advance medical science and modern equipment, it is hard to figure out how exactly a virus works?

Viruses are very geek kind of germs and they are very small compared to other pathogens. Even they don’t show any metabolic activity until they infect any cell, it means they are dead organisms. They seem to be just like a molecule. And the most drastic thing is, they can even infect other pathogens or germs.

And the main reason which makes a virus more difficult to treat with medicine is, unlike other germs like bacteria, they don’t reproduce. Instead, they sneak and hijack into a cell and start creating their copies. And because they use the same mechanism that our cells use, it is very hard to make a drug that only targets a virus but not our own cells.

Q: But there are many other viruses that can be cured, then why it is more devastating? First of all, this is a new virus and we know very little about Covid-19. And currently, doctors use mainly two strategies to cure a disease caused by a virus. Either they slow down the viruses or boost up our immune power.

Antiviral drugs slow down the virus and stop them to grow further and many antivirals are being tested by researchers every day in order to find the best and universal drug. Example, interferons which are taken up by virus and cause a coping process to stop. And Protease inhibitors are taken up by viruses and cause the maturation process improperly.

And other drugs like interferons are also useful that increase our immune response. But all these drugs aren’t developed well & aren’t universal drugs, that’s why they aren’t working on all Covid-19 infected patients. This is why some peoples have recovered from Covid-19 and some are still in fighting against it.

The best way to stop this virus is to stop it from spreading further. And social distancing, self-quarantine, and isolation are the key roles we need to play today.

Is there any vaccine for it?

Vaccines are the most important weapons in order to fight against disease in the long term goals. But this may take a very long time to develop a vaccine that suits every person and every condition. Usually, it takes around 15 years to develop a universal vaccine.

But in today’s time when the whole world is in a very dangerous situation, scientists and researchers are working day and night to develop a vaccine and some vaccine has also been built and sent for trial, these were built by an American based company Moderna, sponsored by U.S government.

Growing Cybercrimes!

One side the global pandemic is going on and another side some greedy and bad people are making use of this situation. This was officially confirmed by WHO in a post. In that post WHO information that criminals pretend to be from WHO to steal money or sensitive information. “If you are contacted by a person or organization that appears to be from WHO, verify their authenticity before responding. ” Stated WHO.

  • WHO will not ask for usernames or passwords.
  • WHO never send attachments via email.
  • WHO doesn’t asks you to visit the site other than
  • WHO never asks for money for anything.
  • WHO doesn’t conducts lotteries, prizes, certificates, funding through emails, etc.

You can also contact WHO, and report a scam through their portal. Usually, hackers send phishing mail in which they ask for the above-mentioned things. For more and complete information I recommend you visit their official site.

Economical impacts of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The outbreak has affected the global economy very badly and the effect is pretty clear in the stock market and industrial mass production. Where it has touched the lowest level since the start of the outbreak.

Stock market crash

Source: Wikipedia

The graph above is the global stock market crash since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak. This started on 20th of February, 2020. The last few weeks were the worst trading weeks after the financial crisis of 2007-08.

Tourism due to Covid-19

Tourism is completely shut down. Many of countrie’s governments have canceled the VISA of many peoples. And all the public places have been shut down until the outbreak ends. Not only this, but many country’s governments also have restricted people to form groups and even interstate travel.

Impact on sports due to Covid-19

Because of the Covid-19 global outbreak, many sports have been canceled or postponed including Indian IPL, Tokyo Olympics, China Masters tournament, etc.

Labor market crash due to Covid-19

The outbreak has resulted in an increase in the huge number of unemployed peoples and a decrease in industrial production. Many of countrie’s governments have locked down the whole country. Result in a decrease in industrial production. For example, production fell by 13.5 % in just the first two months of the outbreak.

Except that all many other sectors are affected too, oil and gold prices are dropping sharply, airlines, car factories, and other businesses are crashing day by day.

But this pandemic is not just destroying our economy or factories, this is taking our lives, and, in this global pandemic situation saving lives should be our first priority. So, please stay at home and help the world to contain this coronavirus.

Reference Sources: WHO, Vox, BBC

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