Artificial womb, a future technology to give birth.

Developing into a fully formed baby, it’s a cycle of 40 weeks or 9 months, when we grow from a single cell to a fully formed human infant. And everything occurs inside our mother’s womb. So, what if I suggest we were born in an artificial womb. In a system that accurately replicates, and even enhances the womb’s climate. What if we were willing to use these artificial wombs to give birth. And is it really possible? What are some advantages and disadvantages? Everything I am gonna break down in this article.

An artificial womb.

On this planet, everyone has born from a good old-fashioned womb. But, what if we were born out of an artificial womb? Well, with a carefully calculated formula for the hormone and nutrient requirements, it could give a fetus a completely developed atmosphere in which it could grow in 9 months. And no infectious diseases would be exposed to the fetus. Even, artificial wombs would allow gay people and individual men to have a child without a human replacement.

And, this would also provide a chance to have children for those women who have loosened their uterus due to injury a d medical treatments.

Have we already built it?

Lamb growing in biobag an artificial womb
Source: The Economist

An experiment was done in 2017, by a fetal surgeon ‘ Dr. Alan Flake’s from Philadelphia’s Children’s Hospital. He used an amniotic sac, or we can call a “biobag.” So, this biobag was used to give birth to a lamb baby. And the lamb baby was placed in a sterile liquid, containing proteins and blood, rich in nutrients.

This test replicated a human pregnancy from the 23rd up to the 27th week. And after that, they were separated from the biobags. The lambs grew up just like a normally raised lambs. With shocking results.

Is there any downside of artificial wombs.

On the other hand, we have to take care if there could be some downsides to the use of artificial wombs. For example, if artificial womb births were to become available and affordable, civilization would be bombed at wide levels. And philosophy, research, technology, governance, culture, social structure, and the economy would all be mixed together into one and may lead to an era of non-stop conflicts.

According to neonatologist Dr. Sanjay Chawla of the Detroit Medical Center, an artificial womb can not replace the maternal influences or even the placental influence of hormones and biochemical signals. On the other hand, if artificial wombs were used in the wrong way, or for bad reasons. we could be looking at a very disappointing nightmare. And this could lead to problems like “baby factories,” where kids are produced and sold.

Baby factories (artificial womb)
Source: Genetic Literacy Project

There can be significant problems within our culture as there increase the number of artificial womb babies. And there can be concerns, such as whether it is appropriate to apply the same standards to children who come from the womb of a mother as to children born from engineered artificial wombs?

A new research on artificial womb.

Eindhoven University of Technology is already in the phase of study. The University is working to provide infants with artificial incubators to replicate the biological conditions of a womb. And through an artificial placenta linked with an umbilical cord, babies could get oxygen and nutrients.

The research will takes five years and human babies will be participate if all is done as scheduled. And, in the artificial womb environment, there would be all they want in a natural womb. However, it is a noble idea if this technology could be developed to help premature children survive. And it makes us think what else we could create artificially.

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