What's on Earth

What’s on Earth is a community of STEM enthusiasts and professionals founded by Sumit in 2018. What’s on Earth publishes research papers and project works proposed by university professors/students, research organizations, and companies. WOE also delivers journals on breakthroughs, researches, discoveries, news, and innovative concepts related to STEM.


Our Goal

What’s on Earth’s goal is to inform, empower, and inspire people about science because it has the potential to shape our life and world for welfare.

Since we are an open community, anyone can join who wants to contribute by sharing their knowledge. Visitors can also use the content present as a reference for their projects and works. (Check FAQ for more on reusing.)

& Publishers can use their account as a portfolio to showcase their work anywhere require. We also help our publishers to copyright their work online so no one can falsely claim.

How we maintain Quality?

Our sources of information are the world’s most well-recognized universities, research organizations, and companies. So, our visitors can trust the data/information we provide without worrying about correctness because we take care of it.

Every paper published takes hours of analysis and extensive research on a topic by experts to provide the best available data. Most of our publishers are professionals and wiz in their fields, so our visitors can trust us. But still, if there is something wrong and inappropriate, we encourage you to report.

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