9 geek facts and their scientific explanation.

Things are pretty strange in this world, full of amazing and geek facts. But what is the reason behind them? What are their scientific explanations? So, in this article, I am gonna talk about 10+ most strange and unknown scientific facts.

Geek facts about technology

1. High energy particles from outer space can corrupt data in chips.

This sounds very awkward that something from outer space is affecting what’s on Earth. Every data in memory is saved in a specific arrangement of bits (0,1) and these bits together make recognizable patterns. But if a single bit is disturbed, the meaning of whole data can change, and this calls ‘soft errors’. It doesn’t break the whole system but data inside it can break.

This is what happens when high energy electric charged particles or cosmic rays collide with data/memory devices. Except for this, these rays don’t affect human beings and are completely safe for us.

2. Videogames are made of tiny triangles.

Videogames are super detailed highly graphic nowadays, which uses high resources to render 2D-3D objects. But, did you know how these real-life looking images are formed in videogames?

Every image or object rendered in videogames is made of triangles. Because triangles are the best way to render 3D graphics. But why only triangles? Triangle is a polygon made joining three points and is the simplest possible 2D polygon that can be made. Therefore no other shape is like a triangle.

And because any 3D shape can be decomposed into triangles so there is a logical choice that triangles may the best for 3D graphic rendering. Also, they can be easily be scaled down. This is why triangles are used to form 3D graphics.

Earlier videogames used few hundreds of polygons to render a character. But today, videogames use high CPU resources so they can use several hundred thousand of the polygon to render a 3D character. That’s why games are super realistic nowadays.

Geek facts about Space

3. Seeing the sky is like seeing the past!

Have you ever seen the night sky? It looks pretty awesome, right? But did you know when you see the sky it means you are watching back into time? No, you don’t time travel : ), but the light coming from stars is millions or billions of years old. Even the light coming from the sun is about 8 minutes old.

That means we see an image which is about 8 minutes old in the case of the sun. But if we consider any other stars, for example, Sirius (Alpha CMa) which 8.6 light-years away from earth means, one of its images takes 8.6 light-years to reach earth before we see it.

The best way to understand this is, if Sun extinguishes instantly in a flash (which is not possible) then we will know after 8 minutes and 20 seconds. And in case of other stars visible currently, may already have died.

4. Space and Universe are different.

Most people think space or universe are just synonyms of each other but this is not true. There is a major difference between the space and the universe. Space is the void between celestial objects, while the universe refers to celestial objects as well as space.

Now the picture isn’t clear by just saying a void b/w celestial objects. So, it consists of hard vacuum and particles of Helium and hydrogen in a very less amount and EM radiation, etc, means everything except planet, stars, comets or galaxies (celestial objects).

On the other hand, the universe means all the physical matters, energy, radiation or everything in existence comes in-universe.

Geek facts on Earth

5. The mountains can change color.

Now, this sounds awkward, because how can a giant non-living rock change its color? But the phenomenon is true and there is a mountain called “Uluru” or “Ayers Rock” in Australia.

This mountain is one of Australia’s most recognized place. This mountain has been noticed to change it’s color many times in a day or in different seasons of the year. But what’s the explanation of this natural phenomena.

Well, the secrets are hidden behind the changing position of the Sun during the daytime and the high concentration of mineral of iron present in its rock.

The iron inside its rocks has rusted in the last hundred of millions of years. Which gave it a shiny red color. But, the position of the sun determines its visible color. That’s why it can change its color from red to orange, orange to purple and red again.

6. Season on Earth isn’t determined by distance from Sun.

geek facts about earth's season

Most of the people think that seasons are determined by the distance of Earth from the Sun. In summer Earth is near to Sun and in Cold Earth is farther. But this is not so.

Actually, the main factor that determines the hot and cold seasons on the Earth is the tilt of Earth’s rotation axis away or towards the Sun.

During summer Sun’s ray strike, Earth Northern hemisphere directly more than in winter. Which increases the temperature on Earth. But in winter Earth has tilted away from Sun, and the case is the opposite of the previous one.

And the geek fact is that, Sun is closest to Earth during Winter.

7. Graphene, a matter of the future.

geek facts about carbon

Graphene is an allotropic form of carbon. This is a monolayer hexagonal arrangement of carbon atoms. But in general, graphene is the building block of graphite.

Graphene is a very occult material, it can combine with other materials to form new materials and can show varied numbers of properties. Graphene is super thin but much stronger than any other material. According to an estimate, it is 200 times stronger than steel.

Researchers believe that if we could able to produce graphene and use properly, it can revolutionize the world.

Now, if we talk about its properties or applications than it can be used for making super batteries, transistors, advanced computer chips, supercapacitors, most efficient solar cells, antennas, Super light indestructible touchscreens, DNA sequencing, and much more.

8. Viruses are dead organisms!

Viruses have caused many pandemics in human history. Even many civilizations had wiped out in the past, due to incurable diseases caused by these microorganisms.

Even in this modern era with advance medical science and modern equipments it really very hard to figure out how exectly a virus works.

Viruses are very small organisms. They seem to be like a simple molecule. And they don’t show any metabolic activity until they hijack and start, making their copies inside the cells.

This clearly means that we can’t actually figure out if there is any deadly microorganism present inside our body. Because they are dead. And the most geek facts about the viruses is that they can even infect other pathogens too.

9. Mosquitoes feed mainly on fruits and plant nectar.

Mosquitoes whether it is male or female both can typically rely on fruits and plant nectar. And they don’t need blood to live. But why they suck blood then?

Well, male mosquitoes can feed on fruits and plant nectar but female need extra proteins from our blood to nourish her eggs. That’s why they need to suck blood.

That was all for today!!!

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